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I'm Your Man

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Jul. 30th, 2006 | 09:56 pm
mood: Sunday night after LC film...

Just got back from the North Park 4:30 show of Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man. Only about a half dozen people in that huge theatre. It's a must see, especially if you're into LC. Don't expect a full bio film, don't expect great old footage (which I'm sure must exist). Do expect a bunch of folks playing his music well, with an occasional interlude of LC speaking in mystical terms. And do expect one phenomenal performance at the end of LC with Bono and company singing I'm Your Man. If those are your expectations, you should deeply appreciate this film. I do feel, however, that someday, someone needs to make a *real* documentary on him, similar to Scorcese's on Dylan, with loads of old footage, the whoel enchilata. Do go see it, however... a must.

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