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Jun. 9th, 2006 | 08:54 pm
mood: Friday, tired
music: Guy Clark, Old No. 1

Can't really say enough about it. They're suffering, but I didn't see too much damage in the French Quarter, where we mostly hung. Besides, Nawlins knows how to suffer, and how to take the pain away. You simply sing and drink it away. We did that a few nights; my days were filled with a very enlightening National Main Streets Conference (still trying to find ways to fix this old town of ours!). Wanna see? New camera, a shock- and water-resistant Olympus 7.1 megapix, with a 1-G card that holds, get this, 580 shots on high quality. Fortunately for you, my battery ran down halfway through the River Road tour of original plantations. Now I know first hand all the places Lucinda sings about, and Walker Percy writes about. Oh, and that bookshop? That's the room Faulkner rented on Pirate's Alley, right next to St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. He wrote his first novel Soldier's Pay in that room. Have a look.

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